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Replica Cheese Tray Platter.

replica cheese tray platter for fake cheese trays On Sale.

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Order 16" Cheese Tray $285.00.
Price: 16" replica cheese tray $285.00.
16" Replica Cheese Party Trays.
Realistic Cheese Tray For Display.

16" cheese lovers party tray.

Perfect for catering display.

16" Replica Cheese Tray: $285.00. 

Other 16" Replica Trays We Sell:
Shrimp party tray: $475.00
Vegetable party tray: $285.00
Meat and cheese tray: $285.00

We have over 1,000 fake foods in stock.
Plus we make custom made fake foods.

For Fake Food Questions or Sales
Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.

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