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Quality Made - Factory New - Replica Foods.

Over 1,000 Realistic Fake Foods Are In Stock From Replica Vegetables to Replica Barbecue Meats, 
We Have A Large Selection Of Fake Foods To Choose From.

Fake foods for display On Sale.
 Fake Foods and Sales Office 
Costa Mesa Ca.
Call Toll Free 1-877-768-0722.

A local newspaper article done at our production plant.

"If the production manager offers you a cinnamon roll today, don't bite" It's an absolute certainty the sweet pastry is a fake".

The food looks real, the replica lasagna slab looks fork-ready with unmelted dribbles of what look to be Parmesan cheese.

Pass through the swinging doors and you'll see replica meatballs which the crew just started making.

The realistic fakes start out as the real deal, samples of actual foods are used for making the mold and matching colors.
The end product is then hand-painted where needed and the results are wonderful.

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